Monday, November 29, 2010

Epilogue, because it had to end sometime

Here’s where we wrap everything up, so there are no questions left unanswered. So, the Leviathan wound up hovering around earth for a while so Brandon could talk to Cthulhu. He liked he decorating job Bart did on the ship, so the Great Old One sent his faithful back to Pandora to get him some deco for R’Lyeh. Once the creatures settled in on the ship and stopped killing people, and they mopped up the blood, piles of lich dust and that massive pool of throw-up Melvin left in the hall, it was downright beatufil.

After a massive hunt for Mickey and Reginald, it turned out that the two undead kings decided it would be a really good idea to leave when the rest of the liches were killed. They stole a small craft and flew off toward Tatooine, or something. At any rate, they were gone.

The Foie Gras returned to Hawaii, where the sun had finally returned. Yet another luau was held in honor of the heroes, and everyone attended, except for Piper and Shorty, who remained conspicuously absent for several days, before emerging sweaty from Piper’s room for a shower and a bite to eat.

Melvin proposed to Henry, and a wedding date set. Bert found he had nothing to complain about, and LeDouche learned that Duke’s sister spoke fluent French. And that she was a seven foot tall Polynesian woman with a taste for all things french, space, and thin men with accents. (her name was Pele and she is now a crew member) Torch became an official member of the crew and their mascot. He even has his own room and a section of the food cooler dedicated to fruit, just for him.

The Hawaiians cobbled together a new body for Ned, so he could actually walk around on his own for a change, and as luck would have it, his new junk body was easy to repair from spare parts just lying around. His tracks in the Foie Gras were converted to clothes hangers.

Clem on Fantasia had a vision of all this and said “Far out! Yeah....” While smiling. Barry on Vhoorl was really pissed at not having any legs and was plotting his revenge on Bert.

After days of celebration, the new crew of the Foie Gras boarded the ship and set off to territories unknown, to try and find the rest of Shorty’s race, if they had not been all wiped out by the CEN. Piper suggested a detour, since she found out she had attained high-priesthood thanks to her bravery and exploits. Shorty thought that was a great idea.

And back in that little cove in Hawaii, the Sea Sprit sat patiently, waiting for Shorty and Torch to come back, and to hopefully explain what in hell that explosion was.


  1. This is pretty fucking G. Someone should make a movie out of this.

    Also New Hamphsire? No love for the Fisher Cats?

  2. I'm kinda wondering why this isn't more well known. This was awesome.